Council Members & Employees

Council Members & EmployeesCouncil Meetings: 1st Thursday of every month.

All meetings will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Hall. All dates are subject to change.

Village Council – Term Ending November 2024

Jason Nicol – President
Barbara Butch – Clerk
Larry Gornowicz – Treasurer
Steve Irvine – Trustee
Sara Schmidt – Trustee
Jeff Maurer – Trustee

Village Council – Term Ending November 2026

Jeff Rubin – Trustee, President Pro Tem
Tracey Foster – Trustee
Brandon Zdrojewski – Trustee

2023/24 Committee Chairpersons






Tracey Foster/Sara Schmidt

Jeff Rubin/Brandon Zdrojewski

Sara Schmidt/Tracey Foster

Steve Irvine/Jeff Rubin

Jeff Maurer/Jeff Rubin

Village of Ubly Trustee Committee/Contact List

Jason Nicol, President-Zoning/Budget –

Brandon Zdrojewski-Police Department –

Tracey Foster- Water Dept. Chairperson/Parks –

Jeff Rubin, Pro tem-Police Chairperson/DPW –

Sara Schmidt-Parks & Rec –

Steve Irvine-DPW Chairperson –

Jeff Maurer-Budget –

Barbara Butch/Clerk –

Larry Gornowicz/Treasurer –

Theresa Murdock/Water Admin –

Dave Franzel/D.P.W. Supervisor –

Dave Rothe/Police Chief –

You may call/fax the Village Hall office at 989-658-2141 and leave a message for anyone listed above.  Please be aware that we have no set hours at the hall and it may be a few days before you are contacted.

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Garbage Pickup – Early Friday mornings unless it follows a holiday during the week then pickup will be early Saturday morning.

Recycling – 2nd and 4th Friday’s of the month and will follow garbage pickup concerning holidays.